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Crossword, September 2014


1. Volcanic vent that emits hot gases (8)

5. Clothing for particular purpose – like tramping gear, eg (4)

9. Loaded up with heavy backpack (5)

10. Large crater formed by collapse of mouth of volcano after major eruption (7)

11. Deep chasms (7)

13. Put up tent in wilderness (5)

14. Insect with elongated body often found under decomposing leaves etc (6)

16. Ridge that slopes gently between hills (6)

19. Multi-purpose eating utensil for campers and trampers (5)

20. Put new outdoor gear through its paces (4,3)

22. Noise made by small bird (7)

23. Sharp narrow ridge in rugged mountains (5)

24. Description of non-gourmet meals cooked over Primus? (2-2)

25. What you do during strenuous outdoor activity, eg (8)


1. Greenery you see in bush (7)

2. Tracks often become this after heavy rain (5)

3. Part of triathlon (3)

4. Migratory grasshopper seen in NZ (6)

6. Let rescue services know they were needed, eg (7)

7. Shore where land meets sea (5)

8. Ramps down to water used for launching boats (8)

12. City _____ – not wilderness enthusiasts! (8)

15. Fellow trampers in hut? (7)

17. This might describe some very challenging outdoor activities (7)

18. Large treeless plain in Siberian wilderness (6)

19. Tramping ones are made of wool or polypropylene (5)

21. _____ River – Southland waterway that flows into Foveaux Strait (5)

23. Muscles developed through vigorous outdoor pursuits, maybe (3)

Hidden Solution: South Island fresh air and exercise spot (9,5)

August’s hidden solution: Cascade Saddle

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