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WildernessWord, October 2013


1. Snowstorm that could cause problem for climbers (8)

6. Small NZ native tree also known as Pittosporum crassifolium (4)

8. Have meal in wilderness! (3,3)

9. Additional non-essential things – avoid these in backpack (6)

10. Simple devices that are handy for safety in wilderness (8)

12. This covers dry track in summer (4)

13. Using sun to deal with soaked clothing (6)

15. Get latest weather one before setting out (6)

17. Type of shark found in NZ waters (4)

19. Muscular and fit – you need to be this for many outdoor activities (8)

21. Shelter or hide used by duck shooter (3,3)

22. NZ native tree also called lemonwood (6)

23. Streak of minerals in rock (4)

24. Sandy or rocky land bordering ocean (8)


2. What tramping boots are traditionally made of (7)

3. _____ in – prepares to take close-up photo of wildlife, eg (5)

4. At or towards stern of boat (3)

5. Part of NZ that includes Stewart Island (4,5)

6. Another name for NZ bush cricket (7)

7. Means of access not found in true wilderness (5)

11. Dwellings sometimes found in wilderness areas (3,6)

14. Annual outdoor endurance race (7)

16. Another word for tornado (7)

18. Impure form of quartz found in some parts of NZ (5)

20. Return to the _____ – get closer to nature (5)

22. Hot drink made with billy (3)


Hidden Solution: South Island chilly wilderness (3,7)

September’s hidden solution: Survival kit

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