Contribute to Wilderness

Wilderness welcomes story contributions. If you have a feature story you’d like to pitch, please get in touch with the editor ( If you would like to write a story for one of the magazine’s regular sections, read on.

Download our guidelines

Note: If you want to write about a trip, search our website for the trip first – your story will be published sooner if we haven’t already covered it. You can also check with the editor to see if a story is of interest.

General information on submitting stories

  • Wilderness pays for all stories published in the magazine.
  • All stories should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents and supplied by email.
  • Always include your name, address, email, phone number and IRD number with all submissions. It is best to keep this information on the story document.
  • State which part of the magazine your article is being submitted for – e.g. ‘Wild Trips submissions’, or ‘Off the Beaten Track submissions’, or ‘Diversions submission’ etc.
  • Be familiar with Wilderness before sending in submissions. We require ‘Wild Files’ on many stories, it is essential this information is included in your submission.
  • Do not exceed the maximum length for submissions outlined below.
  • All submissions should include photo reference name, suggested caption and credits. This information should be included at the end of the story.
  • A story submitted to Wilderness Magazine must not have been published elsewhere without our knowledge.

Guidelines for submitting images

  • All photos should come with captions and credits. This information should be supplied in the same document as the story is written. Include photo name, suggested caption, photographer credit.
  • All photos should be hi-res digital images. If you are not sure about the image size, send the largest file you have – do not reduce it in size for easy emailing. If images are too large to email, send individually or use a file sharing service such as Hightail, WeTransfer, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • If you do not use email or a file transfer system to send your images, you can use a memory stick. This will not be returned.

If you wish to submit a feature or other story no covered by the guidelines, please contact