Last Weekend

Get your photo published here to receive a meal from Real Meals worth $17.

Did you tramp somewhere completely magical last weekend and have the photographic evidence to prove it?

Email us a photo from your most recent trip and if we publish it on the ‘Your trips, your pix’ page in the magazine, you will neat outdoor prizes.

At the moment, we’re giving everyone whose image we publish a meal from Real Meals worth $17. 


  1. Simple really – send us your photos from your most recent weekend trip. Tell us where it was taken and who’s in the photo (full names of everyone please).
  2. Have fun with it. The photo needs to be in the outdoors and the best photos will have you or someone you know in it – it’s about you and your friends being in the outdoors. Pull a funny pose, have a great view in the background, capture the moments that make tramping special like cooking up a feed in the hut – anything that shows us how you spent your weekend.
  3. No-one wants to see the back of your heads – face the camera so we can see who you are!
  4. Add a description to explain the photo or your impressions of the trip.
  5. Make sure the photo is hi-res – don’t reduce the file size your photo to make it easier to email. Only hi-res photos (i.e.: the original photo downloaded from your digital camera) can be published in the magazine.
  6. Email the photo to Include your address so we can send you your prize (no address, no prize. To receive the prize, you must supply a NZ address – we are not able to send prizes overseas).
  7. Please note, by submitting photos to Last Weekend you are acknowledging the photo belongs to you and you are giving Wilderness permission to publish the photo in the magazine and on its various social media platforms. Only photos published on the Last Weekend page in the magazine win a prize.
  8. You might also like to gain the permission of those in the photo – we don’t want to publish images of people who are not aware of your intention to submit the image to Wilderness.
  9. While we do our best to publish all photos we receive, please note this may not always be possible due to the high number of images sent to us or because you didn’t follow the criteria set out above. If your photo hasn’t been published after three or four months, then its unkely it will be. Our advice? Get outside and take another photo!