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Wilderness Word, June 2012

Pam Hutton


  1. Maori name for NZ yellow-eyed penguin (5)
  2. Urban road surface not found in true wilderness (7)
  3. Taking you back to where you started – like some bush tracks (7)
  4. Small biting flies (5)
  5. Star constellation you might see in clear wilderness night sky (5)
  6. Long jagged mountain chains in Spanish-speaking countries (7)
  7. Eases pace during tramp (5,2)
  8. Sir _____ Blake, late NZ yachtsman and adventurer (5)
  9. Natural depression in land surface often with lake at bottom of it (5)
  10. Wearing away of hillside by water or wind (7)
  11. Sea _____ – marine polyp resembling flower but with ring of tentacles (7)
  12. Eastern Great ____ – NZ endangered bird also known as kotuku (5)


  1. Areas of sea very near shore (8)
  2. NZ native tree of genus Alectryon you might see in bush (6)
  3. Sections of Speights Coast to Coast multisport race, eg (6)
  4. Steep rugged rock or cliff (4)
  5. Coastal freshness near ocean! (3,3)
  6. High mountains in NZ’s South Island (4)
  7. _____ oneself – finds position in wilderness with compass (7)
  8. Find out first-hand about great outdoors (7)
  9. Quiet peacefulness found in wilderness (8)
  10. Marine mollusc that Bluff is famed for (6)
  11. Made high-pitched sounds like young birds (6)
  12. _____ Plains – fertile agricultural land in Otago (6)
  13. Scottish word for steep bank or hillside (4)
  14. When sun is directly overhead (4)

Hidden Solution: Holiday option for the environmentally-minded (5,7)

May’s hidden solution: Climate change

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