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Wilderness Word, August 2012

Pam Hutton


  1. This describes skiing away from established ski runs (3-5)
  2. Competitive mountain bike event (4)
  3. Devices on bottom of cycling shoes to grip pedals (6)
  4. Long depression in land surface often containing river (6)
  5. Urban area – definitely not wilderness! (4)
  6. What paraglider becomes (8)
  7. At or towards back of boat (6)
  8. NZ native tree of genus Myrsine common in lowland areas (6)
  9. Large area of earth’s surface unbroken by seas (8)
  10. White ____ – NZ tree kahikatea is sometimes incorrectly called this (4)
  11. Himalayan person renowned for skill as mountaineer (6)
  12. _____ Point located in Southland is regarded as start of West Coast region (6)
  13. Chances of good weather for tramp, maybe (4)
  14. Level or altitude above which no large vegetation grows (4,4)


  1. NZ _____ – birds of prey seen mainly in South Island high country (7)
  2. Extensive tract of level open land (5)
  3. Give necessary nourishment and energy – scroggin snacks do this (7)
  4. Young eel (5)
  5. Spread sleeping mat ready for use (4,3)
  6. _____ and green – how we would like our environment to be (5)
  7. Undergoes difficult conditions in wilderness, eg (7)
  8. What sore muscles need after hard day’s tramp (7)
  9. Wildlife you might see in southern waters (7)
  10. What muscles did after strenuous wilderness activity? (5)
  11. Change or evolve to suit environment (5)
  12. Oyster’s jewel (5)

Hidden Solution: NZ southern wilderness (9)

July’s hidden solution: Back country

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