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WildernessWord, March 2013

Crossword by Pam Hutton


1. Mountaineers’ carabiners, eg (8)

6. ____ tables – handy reference for boaties (4)

8. Use these to climb over fences on farmland (6)

9. Spread out sleeping bag (6)

10. Tool that could cause destruction in bush (8)

11. Long involved story about challenging outdoor adventure? (4)

12. Long narrow hilltops (6)

15. Metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers (6)

17. Landslide of dirt and rock down mountain or cliff (4)

19. Conquer challenge or fears in wilderness adventure (8)

22. Jacket for hiking day trip (6)

23. Reduce pace during tramp (4,2)

24. ____ up – exhausts food supplies during tramp, eg (4)

25. Distance in degrees north or south of equator (8)


2. Nautical knot used when sailing (5)

3. Splitting and shedding large chunks of ice like icebergs do (7)

4. Leans to side like boat with leak (5)

5. Noises of birds disturbed in wilderness? (7)

6. Small mountain lakes (5)

7. Torrential downpours of rain – these make tramps less pleasant (7)

13. Nearby ones might be destinations when kayaking (7)

14. Use this to explore underwater wilderness in shallows (7)

16. Copes with strenuous outdoor activity, eg (5,2)

18. National _____ – wilderness reserves for all to enjoy (5)

20. NZ Ironman is endurance one (5)

21. Small rounded hill (5)
Hidden Solution: Wilderness vista (9,4)

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