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WildernessWord, February 2013

Crossword by Pam Hutton


1. Temporary shelter built in bush (7)

5. This describes travel that is not overland (2,3)

8. How you feel after hard day’s tramp (5)

9. Carry this for sleeping on in wilderness (7)

10. When tramper expects to reach hut (1,1,1)

11. Prominent features you can use to orient yourself outdoors (9)

13. Type of flightless bird that includes kiwi (6)

14. Circular currents in sea or river (6)

17. Description of terrain exposed to elements (9)

19. What sails do when boat is becalmed (3)

21. Juicy refreshing citrus fruits that are source of vitamin C (7)

23. Wear away soil and rock (5)

24. Fish found in Lake Taupo (5)

25. Small shellfish you can see clinging in rock pools (7)


1. Get clean in river, eg (5)

2. Green with abundant vegetation (7)

3. What gently uneven terrain does (9)

4. Small huts you can stay in (6)

5. Young unopened flower (3)

6. Trail left by animal in wilderness (5)

7. Consult these books when deciding on next wilderness adventure? (7)

12. Halfway through fording river, maybe (9)

13. Another word for dinghy (7)

15. This describes wind coming from sea towards land (7)

16. Animal of genus Mustela that is pest in NZ wilderness (6)

18. NZ native tree of species Myoporum laetum (5)

20. Narrow valleys in Scotland (5)

22. ___ away from it all – escape to wilderness (3)

Hidden Solution: Essential knowledge for trampers (4,6)

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