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WildernessWord, September 2013


1. Stabilising gear sometimes used by hikers (7,5)

8. Stay in _____ – keep fit through strenuous wilderness activity, eg (5)

9. Reach your goal (7)

10. Marine molluscs that Bluff is famed for (7)

11. _____ yourself – make great physical or mental efforts (5)

12. Hollow between two wave crests in sea (6)

14. Painful involuntary muscular contractions (6)

18. Close these when hiking through farmland (5)

20. Portable lamp for camping (7)

22. Highest mountain peak in world (7)

23. Atmospheric layer that acts as environmental screen for UV radiation (5)

24. Those who explore wilderness high points (12)


1. Destruction of track by heavy rain (4-3)

2. What tent does in rain if not waterproof (5)

3. Large frozen mass floating in Antarctic sea (7)

4. Smooth and shiny like calm flat sea in sun (6)

5. Earth containing iron oxide used as pigment (5)

6. Thread tramping boot laces through these (7)

7. Do this to snow to obtain fresh water (4)

13. Very active – like outdoor enthusiast, eg (2,3,2)

15. Flat-bottomed floating structure used as support for bridge (7)

16. Location in dense bush is this (7)

17. NZ’s second longest river (6)

18. ____ warbler – NZ bird also called riroriro that you might hear in bush (4)

19. Rear part of boat (5)

21. Wear away soil and rock (5)

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