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Wilderness Word, May 2012

Pam Hutton


  1. Travel across terrain (8)
  2. Point where bush track branches into two (4)
  3. Leisurely stroll rather than wilderness tramp (6)
  4. Deep ravine formed by river in area with little rainfall (6)
  5. Involving strenuous activity (8)
  6. Argentine ____ – unwanted insects now found in parts of NZ (4)
  7. Narrow channel of sea linking two larger areas of sea (6)
  8. NZ’s Tiritiri Matangi nature reserve is one (6)
  9. Stinging insect that has become a pest in parts of NZ bush (4)
  10. This describes potentially dangerous outdoor activity (4-4)
  11. Spring from which river or stream flows (6)
  12. Jumped quickly and violently like wild horse (6)
  13. Bridal ____ Falls – common name for waterfalls (4)
  14. Large powerfully fast streams (8)


  1. Live in primitive conditions in wilderness (5,2)
  2. Streaks of minerals in rocks (5)
  3. Set up sails on boat (3)
  4. Being exceptionally good at particular outdoor activity, eg (9)
  5. Small flittering bird seen in NZ bush (7)
  6. What birds do in bush at night (5)
  7. Natural drainage area where rainfall collects (9)
  8. Outdoor _____ – clothes for wilderness (7)
  9. Easy (requiring very little exertion and energy, maybe?) (2,5)
  10. How you are during solo bush experience (5)
  11. Act of checking out terrain or surroundings (5)
  12. Sand ___ – ridge in sea that is often exposed at low tide (3)

Hidden Solution: Modern phenomenon with impact on environment (7,6)

April’s hidden solution: Alpine sports

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