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Wilderness Word, November 2012

Pam Hutton 2012


  1. NZ tree also known as bushman’s friend (8)
  2. Lateral ridge projecting from mountain (4)
  3. No frills – wilderness lifestyle is usually this (5)
  4. Units of measurement for sea depth (7)
  5. Flowing back like tide (6)
  6. North Island river that flows into Waikato River at Ngaruawahia (5)
  7. This describes bumpy terrain (6)
  8. Animal you might see when hiking in North American wilderness (6)
  9. Camouflaged shelters used to observe birds or other wildlife (5)
  10. Reinforced protective part of tramping boot (6)
  11. You can do this to some sleeping mats for added comfort and insulation (7)
  12. Wildlife can be this – wilderness is not always quiet and peaceful! (5)
  13. Parts of body that may be frostbitten if not protected (4)
  14. Journeys down mountains (8)


  1. Blisters are likely if new tramping boot does this (4)
  2. Symptom you might suffer at high altitude (9)
  3. Elevated terrain with slope (7)
  4. Place of safety and shelter from danger or bad weather (6)
  5. Person experienced in handling rigours of outdoor adventure (3)
  6. Place where you can sit and take a breather during tramp (4,4)
  7. Put gear into backpack, eg (4)
  8. Solitude of remote areas (9)
  9. Rapidly spreading danger in Australian wilderness in summer (4,4)
  10. Relating to open sea (7)
  11. Angle of boat’s bowsprit in relation to horizon or keel (6)
  12. What torrential downpours do to you on tramp (4)
  13. Spots on wings of butterflies (4)
  14. Evergreen coniferous tree (3)

Hidden Solution: South Island tramping spot (9,5)

October’s hidden solution: Outdoor adventure

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