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WildernessWord, May 2013

Crossword by Pam Hutton


1. Type of grass growing around Desert Road in North Island of NZ (7)

5. Stratified sedimentary clay rock that splits easily into thin layers (5)

8. Submerged ridges of rock or coral near surface of water (5)

9. Narrow strip of land with sea on each side linking two larger land areas (7)

10. ___ sail – start out on boat trip (3)

11. Wide ____ _____ – expanse of natural undeveloped wilderness (4,5)

13. Deep ravines or narrow valleys (6)

14. Move quickly to reach hut before nightfall (6)

17. Wilderness adventure is definitely not this sort of activity! (9)

19. Something you need for trip in dinghy (3)

21. Frozen masses that permanently cover large areas (3,4)

23. NZ _____ – duck commonly known as Black Teal (5)

24. Radiates light like campfire at night (5)

25. Attaches 20 Down securely, eg (7)


1. Marine birds with forked tails seen on NZ coasts (5)

2. Sought protection from bad weather (9)

3. This describes wind coming from sea towards land (7)

4. Handy implements for wilderness adventures (6)

5. Locations chosen for setting up camp (5)

6. Narrow inlet of water from coastline (3)

7. In direction where sun rises (7)

12. Early form of sextant used for navigation (9)

13. Struggling for breath after very strenuous outdoor activity (7)

15. Deep chasms (7)

16. Compact group of mountains (6)

18. Gets closer to destination during tramp, eg (5)

20. Essential pieces of mountain climbing equipment (5)

22. Relating to environment or its protection (3)

Hidden solution: High altitude expert (8,5)

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