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WildernessWord, August 2013

Crossword by Pam Hutton


7. Essential safety items for mountain bikers (7)

8. Clean unpolluted water is this (5)

10. Less risky (5)

11. ____ ___ flows – natural movements of tides (4,3)

12. Starts tramping trip (4,3)

14. Sleep _____ the stars – in wilderness without tent! (5)

16. Strips of land projecting into sea (5)

17. Testing your powers of endurance – like difficult outdoor challenge, eg (7)

19. What river level does once heavy rain has stopped (7)

21. This gives quick short-lived energy burst – might be needed on tramp (5)

22. Woody climbing tropical vine (5)

23. Lit campfire, maybe (7)


1. Deep openings or abysses in earth’s surface (6)

2. Area at summit of high steep rock face (8)

3. Equipment needed for wilderness adventure (4)

4. Journey up mountain (6)

5. Trapped by conditions during Antarctic expedition, eg (3-5)

6. Cave ____ – large insect you might see in NZ wilderness (4)

9. Mountain bike enthusiast (5)

13. Dark volcanic glass formed by rapid cooling of lava (8)

15. Prolonged shortages of rainfall that parch land (8)

16. External skeletons of marine polyps forming reefs in warm seas (5)

17. Rock-climb with ropes (6)

18. Walk with long decisive steps (6)

20. Steep rugged rock (4)

21. What you do in boggy ground (4)

Hidden Solution: Something handy for night in wilderness (4,5)

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