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WildernessWord, April 2013



8. Personal _____ beacon – wilderness safety device (7)

9. Haast’s _____ – extinct bird of prey that once lived in NZ wilderness (5)

10. _____ anchor – raise anchor before sailing off (5)

11. Adventurous outdoor feat (7)

12. Rock formations that extend beyond mountain face (9)

14. High rocky hill (3)

16. Sleeping ___  – something to cushion you overnight when camping (3)

18. Sign at marine reserve! (2,7)

21. Herd and care for animals (7)

22. Heavily-built African wilderness animal (5)

23. Large NZ native tree (5)

24. Relating to ocean wilderness (4,3)


1. Waitomo Caves inhabitant (4-4)

2. Outdoor enthusiasts lead this sort of lifestyle (6)

3. What sandfly bites make you do (4)

4. Encourage tired flagging trampers, maybe (4,2)

5. Wilderness bad weather with Shakespearean flavour! (8)

6. Mt _____ – alternative name for Mt Taranaki (6)

7. ____ day – time to recover during long arduous tramp (4)

13. Top part of walking pole for grasping (8)

15. Hunua Ranges _____ Park – walking spot near Auckland (8)

17. Join others for outdoor challenge, eg (4,2)

19. Tracts of land used for cultivation or pasture (6)

20. Most freezingly cold (6)

21. Cheeky bold flightless bird seen in NZ bush (4)

22. Tall woody marsh grass with hollow stems (4)
Hidden Solution: Fluid to keep you going (8,5)

March’s hidden solution: Panoramic view

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