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WildernessWord, November 2013

Crossword by Pam Hutton


7. Vantage point from which to view wilderness (7)

8. Person who goes on day tramp (5)

9. Large dense group of flying insects (5)

10. Physical nimbleness needed for some outdoor activities (7)

11. Te Urewera National 21 Down is located in this area (4,5)

13. Navigational device that can be used for safety in wilderness (1,1,1)

15. ___ up camp – establish outdoor base for night (3)

17. Paradise _____ – waterbirds endemic to NZ (9)

20. Atmosphere on high mountain peaks (4,3)

21. NZ native tree fern (5)

22. Sharp narrow ridge in rugged mountains (5)

23. Surface features of land (7)


1. Tramping boots that fit badly might give you these (8)

2. People with lifestyle of wandering in wilderness, maybe (6)

3. Froth formed on surface of sea (4)

4. Distinct layers seen in sedimentary rocks (6)

5. Taking to snow-covered mountain slopes (6)

6. Animal hunted and killed by another for food (4)

8. Raised sails on boat (7)

12. Small waterfall or series of small waterfalls (7)

14. Gives necessary nourishment and energy like scroggin does (8)

16. Lever used to turn the rudder on boat (6)

18. Eastern Great _____ – NZ endangered birds also known as kotuku (6)

19. Tents used to be made of this (6)

20. Sticky fine-grained earth (4)

21. See 11 Across (4)
Hidden Solution: Small wilderness sanctuary (8,3)

Hidden Solution: Fox Glacier

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