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WildernessWord, January 2011

WildernessWord, January 2011


  1. Physical features of terrain (9)
  2. Soak in hot ___ to ease aches and pains after hard tramp (3)
  3. Drops rubbish – don’t do this – keep environment clean! (7)
  4. Nautical map used for navigation (5)
  5. Rides large waves on board (5)
  6. Far beyond norm – some risky outdoor activities are this (7)
  7. _____ tree – NZ native tree also called kawakawa (6)
  8. _____ Lakes National Park – idyllic South Island area (6)
  9. Momentarily lose your footing while tramping (7)
  10. Safety device that produces bright light in wilderness emergency (5)
  11. Yellow-ish brown fossil resin derived from extinct coniferous trees (5)
  12. Eco-_____ visits NZ to enjoy wilderness activities (7)
  13. Major division of geological time (3)
  14. Reserve for birds, animals and plants (9)


  1. Very strong winds – don’t go sailing in them (5)
  2. Rock formation that appears above surface of surrounding land (7)
  3. Tall woody marsh grasses with hollow stems (5)
  4. Less elevated sections in mountain ranges used as routes (6)
  5. Boating enthusiast (7)
  6. Leave no _____ – do not destroy or pollute wilderness (5)
  7. Marsh bird of heron family with brown streaked plumage (7)
  8. Opening allowing person or vessel to get through (7)
  9. Sets out on wilderness adventure (7)
  10. Enduring strength and energy needed to complete Southern Traverse (7)
  11. Off the _____ track – in remote area (6)
  12. Relating to city – definitely not wilderness (5)
  13. Crack in earth’s crust resulting from displacement of strata on either side (5)
  14. Registration in outdoor sporting event, eg (5)

Hidden Solution: Essential for camping comfort (8,3)

December’s hidden solution: Kayaking trip

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