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Wilderness Word, April 2012

Pam Hutton


  1. Large crater formed by collapse of mouth of volcano after major eruption (7)
  2. NZ _____ – coniferous tree also called kaikawaka (5)
  3. Stretch of water to be negotiated during tramp (5)
  4. Those officially responsible for managing and protecting reserves (7)
  5. Headland at top of NZ (5,4)
  6. Protect yourself from this in wilderness in summer (3)
  7. ___ __ bottom – choice of hut bunks (3,2)
  8. Climb up mountain (5)
  9. Low-lying marshy land with grassy vegetation (3)
  10. _____ __ the elements – affording no shelter (7,2)
  11. Forded 8 Across (7)
  12. Small donkey used as pack animal (5)
  13. Strong and firm like muscles after strenuous outdoor activity (5)
  14. What stream does during hot summer (4,3)


  1. _____ Peak – NZ ski-field in Otago (7)
  2. Nature _____ – wilderness enthusiast (5)
  3. Stray from track during tramp or make some other mistake, maybe (3)
  4. Skydiving is this sort of sport (6)
  5. People who enjoy water activity with paddles (9)
  6. Relating to ocean wilderness (4,3)
  7. Tree gum (5)
  8. Strapped into safety gear during abseiling (9)
  9. Flat-bottomed floating structure used as support for bridge (7)
  10. Study of relationship between organisms and their environment (7)
  11. Katipo is one you might find in NZ sand dunes (6)
  12. Small flat surface of crystal (5)
  13. Took on challenging or risky outdoor adventure, eg (5)
  14. Scottish word for high mountain (3)

Hidden Solution: Elevated outdoor activities (6,6)

March’s hidden solution: Camping gear

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