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WildernessWord, June 2013


1. Metal spikes on boots to prevent slipping on ice (8)

6. ____ story – fanciful or exaggerated account of outdoor adventure, maybe (4)

8. Long shallow trench in ground (6)

9. Colour used for safety in outdoor activities (6)

10. Mosquito net fabric (4)

11. Goes back along same track (8)

13. Noises made by paradise shelduck (6)

15. These reptiles are not found in NZ wilderness (6)

16. Detach carabiners and ropes (8)

18. Mountain peaks are this! (4)

19. Smooth-bodied lizards you might spot at edges of bush (6)

21. Off the _____ track – in remote area (6)

22. ____ away – slope downwards steeply (4)

23. Leaving marked track during tramp (8)


2. Popular South Island tramping track (9)

3. Low-lying boggy tract of land (5)

4. Moving _____ – carrying on tramping (7)

5. Explore looking for suitable campsite, eg (5)

6. NZ lizard-like reptile (7)

7. Stage in long tramp or wilderness trip (3)

12. Majority of NZ’s native plants and trees are this (9)

14. Deep navigable passage in sea (7)

15. Ridge built up in sea that is often exposed at low tide (4,3)

17. _____ out – puts new outdoor gear through its paces (5)

18. This sort of backpack will slow you down (5)

20. Intelligent NZ native parrot (3)

Hidden solution: Picturesque South Island water spot (4,6)

May’s hidden solution: Mountain guide

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