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Wilderness Word, February 2012

Pam Hutton


  1. Fearless in face of wilderness adventure (8)
  2. Something used to secure tent (3)
  3. Black-and-white toothed whale sometimes seen in NZ waters (4)
  4. Hypothermia caused by being in wilderness without adequate protection (8)
  5. Connected series of mountains (6)
  6. Rock-climb with ropes (6)
  7. Seabird also called cormorant seen on NZ coastline (4)
  8. Government organisation that deals with NZ’s natural heritage (1,1,1)
  9. Longitudinal beam of boat hull (4)
  10. Apply sunscreen liberally to skin (4,2)
  11. _____ tent – tent for solo camping (3-3)
  12. Area with harbour in NZ’s Far North (8)
  13. This can be pulled over snow to transport supplies (4)
  14. ___ up camp – establish outdoor base for night (3)
  15. Precarious grips for climbers (8)


  1. Important compass direction in wilderness (5)
  2. _____ Meg – NZ stream and dam in Kawarau Gorge near Cromwell (7)
  3. Continued on tramp, eg (7,2)
  4. Brief downward slope in otherwise level track (3)
  5. Unwanted animals that destroy environment like rabbits in NZ (5)
  6. Fish found in NZ waters also called piper or halfbeak (7)
  7. Area off coast suitable for boat to moor (9)
  8. Small valleys between hills (7)
  9. Person who _____ __ track is unlikely to get lost in bush (5,2)
  10. Narrow promontory extending out into sea (5)
  11. In front of others on tramp (5)
  12. Outdoor ___ – ardent wilderness enthusiast! (3)

Hidden Solution: South Island great outdoors route (5,4,5)

January’s hidden solution: Wood pigeon

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