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Wilderness Word, July 2012

Pam Hutton


  1. Seabirds with large colony at Cape Kidnappers in Hawkes Bay (7)
  2. Ridged surface on sole of tramping boot (5)
  3. What sailing boat does when it tacks (5)
  4. Blazes showing way on bush track (7)
  5. Have fastest Ironman time (3)
  6. This sort of knife is a handy outdoors tool (5,4)
  7. Colour of kowhai flowers (6)
  8. Large numbers of people – avoid them by escaping to wilderness (6)
  9. In charge of steering boat (2,3,4)
  10. Pass between mountain peaks (3)
  11. Appears from midst of dense bush (7)
  12. Stagger unsteadily due to uneven terrain (5)
  13. Rocks that are this are slippery (5)
  14. Introduced animal that causes destruction in NZ bush (3,4)


  1. Welcome escape to wilderness! (7)
  2. Strong synthetic fibre used for ropes (5)
  3. Gradient that is not too challenging (4,5)
  4. Peak of mountain or hill (6)
  5. High rocky hill (3)
  6. Facial feature preventing sweat and debris from falling into eyes (7)
  7. Dry track in summer is likely to be this (5)
  8. Climbed or clambered awkwardly (9)
  9. Drops rubbish – don’t do this – keep environment clean! (7)
  10. This gives distinctive smell of NZ geothermal activity (7)
  11. Natural spring that discharges hot water and steam (6)
  12. At right angles to length of boat (5)
  13. Gentle bend in river, eg (5)
  14. Rope used to brace tent (3)

Hidden Solution: General wilderness area (4,7)

June’s hidden solution: Green tourism

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