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Wilderness Word, October 2012

Pam Hutton


  1. _____ National Park on Stewart Island was officially opened in 2002 (7)
  2. _____ Peninsula – spot on east coast of North Island known for surf, scuba diving etc (5)
  3. Small light rowing boat (5)
  4. DOC brought in national possum _____ plan in 1993 (7)
  5. Vehicle that could be used to transport outdoor adventure gear (3)
  6. One way to secure rope (4,4)
  7. Relating to heart – many outdoor activities help to maintain this sort of fitness (6)
  8. DOC began to _____ for use of its huts in early 1990s (6)
  9. Sound of happy campers? (8)
  10. Fall behind faster trampers (3)
  11. NZ wilderness would be _____ with pests without eradication programmes (7)
  12. Points where leaves grow on plant stems (5)
  13. Narrow deep inlet of sea (5)
  14. Weather is said to _____ __ wilderness enthusiasts on sunny days! (5,2)


  1. _____ Management Act – legislation passed in 1991 relevant to conservation issues (8)
  2. Handy implement for wilderness activities (5)
  3. Unrolling boat sail (9)
  4. Rock formations like Coromandel’s Cathedral Cove, eg (6)
  5. ___ versus wild – survival in wilderness (3)
  6. Sheltered area of coast for boats (7)
  7. Having skills and competence for wilderness activities, eg (4)
  8. _____ National Park located at top of South Island was opened in 1996 (9)
  9. Ian _____, NZ former kayak champion (8)
  10. North Island mountain that produced significant eruptions in mid-1990s (7)
  11. Groups of trees growing together (6)
  12. Luxury _____ – tourist alternative to traditional hut that started appearing in 1990s & 2000s (5)
  13. Areas of wet marshy land (4)
  14. Bright colour used for safety in outdoors (3)

Hidden Solution: Perfect activity to celebrate Wilderness’ 21st birthday! (7,9)

September’s hidden solution: Spotted shag

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