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Wilderness Word, March 2012

Pam Hutton


  1. Avalanche of water and mud down slopes of volcano (5)
  2. Vessel used in 8 Down (7)
  3. Banded _____ – types of fish found in NZ waters (7)
  4. _____ bridge – suspended bridge for wilderness crossings (5)
  5. Fertile tract in desert (5)
  6. Relating to open ocean (7)
  7. Wide part of river where it nears sea (7)
  8. Spar that crosses boat’s fore-and-aft sail diagonally (5)
  9. Flat-topped hills with steep sides (5)
  10. Free time available for wilderness adventures (7)
  11. Lagoon on west coast of NZ’s South Island that is wetland for many wading birds (7)
  12. Small compact-bodied aquatic bird found in NZ also called dabchick (5)


  1. Vent through which air and water are forced by tides (8)
  2. Schools of fish swimming together (6)
  3. Closes tent opening (4,2)
  4. Snake-like types of fish found in NZ sea and rivers (4)
  5. Carrying heavy backpack, eg (6)
  6. Adult male deer you might see in bush (4)
  7. Part of southern Pacific Ocean in Antarctica (4,3)
  8. Leaning to side like boat with leak (7)
  9. Shells commonly found on NZ beaches (4,4)
  10. Abel _____ National Park – great NZ outdoor area (6)
  11. _____-eyed penguin – endangered NZ native bird (6)
  12. Tracks taken on tramps (6)
  13. Open land in UK wilderness with peaty soil covered with heather (4)
  14. Narrow strip of land that juts out into sea (4)

Hidden Solution: Everything you need for wilderness stay (7,4)

February’s hidden solution: Otago Rail Trail

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