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WildernessWord: December 2015


  1. Something to fuel your cooker (7)
  2. Type of tree found in Nelson Lakes National Park (5)
  3. Measure water depth (5)
  4. NZ river that flows from King Country to Tasman Sea (7)
  5. Spot this mysterious creature on Himalayan trek? (4)
  6. Trees like kahikatea and rimu (8)
  7. Risk resulting from being in severe wilderness conditions without adequate protection (8)
  8. Poetic word for small land mass in sea (4)
  9. Improve this sort of fitness in preparation for tramp (7)
  10. Map used by 8 Down (5)
  11. Clean unpolluted water is this (5)
  12. Mt _____ – NZ’s third highest mountain (7)


  1. Filmy fern in NZ bush is this type of plant (8)
  2. Migratory grasshopper seen in NZ (6)
  3. Clothing for particular purpose – like tramping gear, eg (4)
  4. NZ lake in Canterbury region (6)
  5. Handy gadget – EPIRB, eg (6)
  6. Maori name for NZ blue duck (4)
  7. Marine wilderness enthusiast (6)
  8. Takes cover from bad weather (8)
  9. Line on map connecting points of same atmospheric pressure (6)
  10. Person who carries supplies for mountaineering expedition (6)
  11. What river levels do once heavy rain has stopped (6)
  12. Coastal freshness! (3,3)
  13. Rock formation like at Coromandel’s Cathedral Cove, eg (4)
  14. Temporary wilderness home (4)

Hidden Solution: NZ wildlife conservation success story (10)



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