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WildernessWord, December 2013

Crossword by Pam Hutton


1. Small devices that stop tent guy ropes from slipping (7)

5. Strong gust of wind in exposed location (5)

8. _____ water – frothy water in fast-flowing rapids (5)

9. Free time available for wilderness adventures (7)

10. _____ Track – popular NZ tramping track in northwest of South Island (6)

12. Sunken ship scuba divers might explore (5)

14. Wading bird seen on NZ coastline (13)

16. Top parts of walking poles making grasping easier (5)

18. Large densely wooded area (6)

20. Persuades reluctant friend to join you in wilderness adventure, maybe (5,2)

21. Pile of snow heaped up by wind (5)

22. Spike driven into ice or rock used to gain hold (5)

23. Picturesque features of landscape (7)


1. Tall NZ native tree of laurel family (4)

2. Trampers’ leggings that provide cover from knee to ankle (7)

3. Area or side that is sheltered from wind (3)

4. Brackish water in river estuaries is this (5)

5. Use billy and primus to do this (4,5)

6. Colour of clear unpolluted sky on sunny day (5)

7. Another word for trampers or hikers (8)

11. Continues tramp after rest, eg (7,2)

13. Wilderness type of toilet (4,4)

15. This describes outdoor environment that is harsh or inhospitable (7)

17. Suggestion during discussion of wilderness activities, eg (5)

18. _____ for oneself – is self-sufficient in wilderness (5)

19. ____sail – triangular fore-and-aft sail on boat (4)

21. ___ north – cardinal compass point that is at 0 or 360 degrees (3)

Hidden Solution: Something for wilderness safety (7,6)

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