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Crossword, August 2014


7. Coarse gravel found on beaches and riverbanks (7)

8. Use these for control when riding horse (5)

10. Fine-grained accumulation of clay and silt deposited by wind (5)

11. Climbs up hill or mountain (7)

12. Type of grass growing around Desert Road in NZ’s North Island (7)

14. Liner protects this part of sleeping bag (5)

16. Small wooded hollows (5)

18. Tire out completely – long hard tramp can do this to you (7)

20. Another name for manuka and kanuka seen growing in NZ bush (3,4)

21. _____ River – tributary of Manawatu River with source in Ruahine Range (5)

22. Serenity found in wilderness (5)

23. Type of very hard igneous rock (7)


1. Physically remote like wilderness places (8)

2. Enthusiasts of watery wilderness places! (6)

3. ____ on – encourages to keep going on difficult tramp, eg (4)

4. Leave boat to go ashore (6)

5. Slightly salty like water in river estuaries (8)

6. Register yourself in tramping hut’s visitors’ book (4,2)

9. Distress signal if you need to be rescued (1,1,1)

13. Watches wildlife, eg (8)

15. Went back along same track (8)

17. Woody climbing tropical vine (6)

18. Appear from midst of dense bush (6)

19. Ideal place – like pristine wilderness, maybe? (6)

20. Piece of handy advice from experienced tramper, eg (3)

21. Principal settlement on Stewart Island (4)

Hidden Solution: South Island alpine crossing (7,6)

July’s hidden solution: The Remarkables

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