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WildernessWord: February 2016


1. Mt _____ – mountain in NZ’s Southern Alps near Lake Wanaka (8)

6. Fixed surveying station on hilltop (4)

8. Maori name for mountain holly (6)

9. This describes tent for solo camping (3-3)

10. White ____ – NZ tree kahikatea is sometimes incorrectly called this (4)

11. Sea _____ – marine polyps with rings of tentacles (8)

12. What tents used to be made of (6)

14. Registers to take part in 6 Down (6)

16. Pass other trampers on track (8)

19. Compass direction (4)

20. Narrow channel of sea linking two larger areas of sea (6)

21. Cooking apparatus used in wilderness (6)

22. This sort of terrain is relief after steep track (4)

23. Lake _____ – small NZ lake to south of Lake Taupo (8)


2. Enduring strength and energy needed to complete 6 Down (7)

3. _____ River – small NZ river flowing into Charles Sound in Fiordland (5)

4. Frozen masses that permanently cover large areas (3,4)

5. Hollow rock with cavity lined with crystals (5)

6. Annual NZ alpine adventure run from Whakapapa to Turoa ski fields (3,4)

7. NZ is known for its clean green one (5)

13. Green with abundant vegetation (7)

14. Round marking on wing of butterfly or moth (7)

15. Someone who deals with dangerous situations in wilderness (7)

17. Full of energy – how joy of wilderness makes you feel! (5)

18. Change details of plan or route, eg (5)

19. _____ River – NZ river that flows into Waikato River at Ngaruawahia (5)

Hidden solution: Important information if you’re wilderness-bound (7,6)
January’s hidden solution:  Eco-adventure

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