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WildernessWord, November 2015


1. Mt _____ – South Island peak also known as Pikirakatahi (8)

6. ____ jumping – risky sport involving high structures and natural formations (4)

8. What iceberg does when it splits off from larger ice mass (6)

9. Rocky fragments resulting from avalanche (6)

10. Carries heavy pack with difficulty, maybe (4)

11. These could be handy when sharing tramping hut with snorers (8)

12. Dark fine-grained igneous rock (6)

14. Remnant of ancient wilderness (6)

16. _____ your tramping intentions with trusted contact before setting out (8)

19. Oparara ____ – large curved rock formation near Karamea (4)

20. Walk with long steps (6)

21. How outdoor activity keeps you?! (2,4)

22. NZ river in northwest of South Island that rises in Lake Christabel (4)

23. At higher altitude than surrounding area (8)

2. Maori name for crimson rata tree (7)

3. NZ river in Otago that is tributary of Kawarau River (5)

4. This describes area with most abundant vegetation (7)

5. Long-legged water bird (5)

6. Makes sound like stream flowing over stones (7)

7. Unfortunate consequence of encounter with insect, maybe? (5)

13. Nimbleness needed for many outdoor activities (7)

14. This sort of land sustains growth of vegetation (7)

15. Sloped terrain (7)

17. Sign on to compete in Ironman event (5)

18. Where you are when you reach destination at end of tramp! (5)

19. Maori name for Great Barrier Island (5)

Hidden Solution: This can keep you going in wilderness (6,4)

October’s hidden solution: Mountain bike

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