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WildernessWord, February 2015


1. Degree of steepness in terrain (8)

6. Rock that forms continuous lower layer of Earth’s crust (4)

8. Seabird with large colony at Cape Kidnappers in Hawkes Bay (6)

9. _____ Point located in Southland is regarded as start of West Coast region (6)

10. Way to keep warm and cook while camping (4)

11. _____ sickness – effects of oxygen deficiency that can affect mountaineers (8)

12. Small bush-clad valley (5)

14. Follows alpine guide’s instructions, eg (5)

16. Protect environment from harm or destruction (8)

19. Point where bush track branches into two (4)

20. Flowing back like tide (6)

21. Jacket for hiking day trip (6)

22. Basic traditional pack for carrying possessions? (4)

23. Place of bliss and peace – like unspoilt wilderness (8)


2. _____ Meg – NZ stream and dam in Kawarau Gorge near Cromwell (7)

3. This describes thick bush vegetation (5)

4. Wide part of river where it nears sea (7)

5. Expanse of terrain (5)

6. Frighten animal in bush (7)

7. Small rounded hill (5)

13. Binding or tying outdoor gear together securely (7)

14. Free space outdoors (4,3)

15. Small natural waterways (7)

17. U-shaped curve in a stream (5)

18. Put together makeshift shelter in wilderness (3,2)

19. In _____ – this describes river that is overflowing its banks (5)

Hidden solution: North Island elevated area! (9,5)

January’s hidden solution: Beech forest

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