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WildernessWord, April 2017

Crossword by Pam Hutton

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the shaded squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, name and address by April 19 to: All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five meal packs worth $35.85 from Absolute Wilderness.


1. Lake _____ – lake in southwest part of 20 Down region (8)
5. Seabird also called cormorant seen on NZ coastline (4)
9. Locations chosen for setting up camp (5)
10. _____ River – tributary of Mataura River (7)
11. Lazy layabouts – outdoor enthusiasts are not! (6)
12. Introduced birds seen and heard in open country (5)
14. Long narrow hilltops (6)
16. Climb up mountain (6)
19. Introduced animal that is major threat to NZ native birds (5)
21. Boundaries that do not exist in natural wilderness (6)
24. Maori name for crimson rata tree (7)
25. Help in reaching higher spot (3-2)
26. Tripping hazard on bush track (4)
27. Lake _____ – lake in headwaters of Clarence River in South Island (8)


1. Insect that has become pest in parts of NZ bush (4)
2. Another name for NZ bush cricket (7)
3. Sample food cooked over campfire, eg (5)
4. Ill-fitting tramping boots can do this to your feet (6)
6. _____ Tunnel – built through saddle near Milford Sound (5)
7. Enter hut, maybe (2,6)
8. Bushcraft ones are essential in wilderness (6)
13. Wilderness activities give you plenty of this (5,3)
15. Have meal in wilderness! (3,3)
17. Appears from midst of dense bush (7)
18. Construction method used for some tramping huts (1-5)
20. Rees-Dart track is in this South Island region (5)
22. Strong synthetic fibre used for ropes (5)
23. Length of swing bridge from one side to other (4)

Hidden Solution: NZ North Island conservation park area (9,6)
March’s hidden solution: Dotterels

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