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Mt Temple, Arthur’s Pass National Park

Depending on conditions, a climb of Mt Temple requires either straightforward cramponing or the use of a rope. Photo: Peter Laurenson
4.05km to summit
Total Ascent
Road to Temple Basin Skifield, 1hr; Skifield to summit return, 3-5hr
From Arthur’s Pass Village
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Arthur’s Pass is known for its savage weather and as such, it’s not the easiest spot to pick a suitable time to climb. So, easy access and an escape option are real advantages, which is why a climb of Mt Temple, 1913m, via Temple Basin Skifield and Temple Col is a worthwhile winter objective.

From SH73, a little north of Arthur’s Pass, to the ski field requires just an hour of steady uphill grind.

Even from the ski field buildings, the alpine views are beautiful with Mt Rolleston, 2275m, dominating an impressive skyline. To the east and some 500m directly above are a series of peaks, including Mt Temple.

If you’ve come in winter, depending on snow and weather conditions climbing to Temple Col and then along the ridge to Mt Temple’s summit can be straightforward cramponing, or require the use of a rope. It’s a great place to practise climbing skills while enjoying superb scenery, safe in the knowledge that a coffee or beer at Arthur’s Pass is close at hand.