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Cactus Outdoor Hammock

Cactus Outdoor Hammock ($179 / 735g)



Our Rating:

At a glance

Plusses: Good size, stable, durable for years of use.
Minuses: Not an option for camping.

Features: Best known for their hard-wearing packs and ‘free-standing’ pants, Cactus has added a hammock to its range. And the result is vintage Cactus. Made from heavy duty 12oz canvas, the hammock is typical of the company’s gear: hard wearing, simple and sturdy.

Design: I found it comfortable. The two 55cm bamboo poles at either end prevent the ends pulling together like a banana. This design makes it both more open and more comfortable than many other hammocks, where the bunched ends can feel constrictive around the shoulders. Some may find the stiff canvas too rough against their skin, but it didn’t bother me.

Space: Measuring 55cm by 2m, the hammock is designed for a single occupant but will accommodate two smaller people at a squeeze. It could be a bit on the short side for taller people – in which case a pillow laid over the bamboo poles would make it more comfortable.

In use: There’s no hiding from the fact this is a garden hammock – not one to tramp with. In that respect, its stiff canvas is an advantage: it doesn’t unfold and stretch as bodies pile in. It’s one to relax and read in (there’s a book pocket).

The poles can be rolled into the hammock and the bundle is kept tight and compact with an elastic tie.

Value: It is slightly more expensive than the DD Hammock, but if your notion of value is price divided by expected years of use, then it is a good option. 4/5

Verdict: If you’re looking for a hammock for the backyard, as opposed to a novel camping option, then this is the one to get. Like all things Cactus, it is built to last, so unless you leave it out in the elements year round, expect it to be used for many seasons.