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WildernessWord, August 2018

Crossword by Pam Hutton

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the blue squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, name and address, by May 20, to: All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five pairs of Thorlos Light Hiker socks worth $39.90.


1. Source of sweet sound in bush, maybe! (8)
6. Escape this place to find peace in wilderness (4)
8. Search for food in wilderness (6)
9. Swerved suddenly on mountain bike (6)
10. Pigments obtained from some plants (4)
11. Incline gradient of sheer drop (8)
13. Less fresh – how food becomes if kept over time in backpack (6)
15. _____ in – brought in and landed game fish (6)
16. Had effect on natural environment (8)
18. Wander over wide area of wilderness (4)
19. Continue tramping after brief break (4,2)
21. Having sought shelter of hut, eg (6)
22. Equipment needed for wilderness adventure (4)
23. _____ Burn Track – in Mt Aspiring National Park near Glenorchy (8)


2. Biological community with complex interaction between organisms and environment (9)
3. Fills backpack with heavy items (5)
4. What small lake might do in very cold winter climate (3,4)
5. Marine wilderness enthusiast! (5)
6. Long narrow fissure in rock – can be useful for handhold (7)
7. Secure tent guy rope (3)
12. Town that is base from which to explore Central Otago walks and biking (9)
14. Vegetable or fruit _____ – dehydrated food that is handy when tramping (7)
15. Having more reddish healthy complexion – sign of outdoor life (7)
17. Stretch muscles tight (5)
18. Upward slopes or hills (5)
20. ___ up – exhaust food supplies during tramp (3)

Thorlos Light Hiker sock $39.90
For day hikes in moderate to hot climates, cushioning in ball and heel, light cushioning at instep and arch, stretch yarns in the arch. Men’s and women’s specific (let us know your preference and size when entering).