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We’re doing it, will you join us?

Contributing editor, Matthew Cattin

Wilderness staff and writers share their reasons for doing the Walk 1200km challenge. 

Alistair Hall, editor.

“I’m going to walk 1200km because I want to be fitter and healthier and to be able to support anyone else who will do it with me – including you.”

Roving editor, Shaun Barnett

“I’m doing it because physical goals help motivate me to exercise more. I tramp about 300km a year, added by another 160km of trapline volunteer work so that only leaves 740km, which seems quite attainable. And maybe it’s a good excuse to tramp more too!”

Features writer, Hazel Phillips

“I’m doing the Walk1200km challenge so I can rope more of my unsuspecting friends into madcap adventures.”

Cherie Final, advertising manager

“Ruby and I are in! I have my progress tracker ready and Ruby has a new lead. What excites me about Walk1200km, besides achieving new fitness and wellbeing goals, is being part of a fun, motivated nationwide community – let’s get walking!”

Photo: Contributing editor, Kathy Ombler

“Use it or lose it, said exercise physiologist Sir Peter Snell. That’s my mantra, and motivation is easy when tramping and checking trap lines. I’m doing this challenge for all those other days. And because I can.”

Alice and Pelin Hall, art director

“Alice and I are teaming up to do the Walk1200km challenge because it is a good opportunity to spend more time together in nature” Alice adds: “Go outside everyone and have some fun!!”

Pat Barrett, trips contributor

“I’m really stoked to be doing this challenge; it gives me a new impetus to get out and about – as if I needed one!”

Contributing editor, Matthew Cattin

I’m attempting to log 1200km in my tramping boots to give my jandals a break!”