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I’m walking for a cause

Ruth Moore is doing Walk1200km to fundraise for sexual abuse survivors on the West Coast and has upped the challenge to 2000km to push herself.

Working as a nurse in the emergency department at Greymouth hospital during a global pandemic, Ruth Moore says the Walk1200km challenge is a great way to de-stress.

“It’s been a stressful couple of years waiting for Covid to hit, but we’ve been really lucky,” Ruth says. “Getting outdoors has been really helpful. The bush around here is so beautiful, it’s become a happy place for me, away from the stress of work. 

“Our house backs onto the bush and there are all these local homemade trails to explore, which has been fantastic. It’s been good to have the extra motivation every day and find some cool new trails.”

A regular dog walker, Ruth calculated that she would probably walk 1200km a year anyway, so increased the challenge to 2000km. Three weeks in, she says she’s already discovering the benefits of pushing herself to do more regular exercise.

“I’ve definitely noticed my fitness going up. For the longer day walks I’m noticing it’s easier than it used to be. I’m hurting for fewer days afterwards, and I’ve been losing a bit of weight as well. 

“But tramping’s so therapeutic, especially a hard slog up a hill. Everything boils down to focusing on putting one foot in front of the other.”

Ruth is also using the challenge to fundraise for SASH (Sexual Abuse Support and Healing). She has started a Givealittle page, Steps for SASH.

“I wanted to raise money for something that was both personal, but also local to my community. SASH does fantastic work and is trying to get an office set up here. It also keeps me motivated and accountable by walking for something that’s going to help other people.”

Have you signed up to do the Walk1200km challenge? Register here.