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Apricot choc slab

Apricot choc slab
This is a deliciously dense slab that travels well on adventures and is great with a cup of tea. You can substitute the brazil nuts for almonds or macadamias if preferred.

Makes 10 bars
Prep time 20min
Cook time 20min
Cost $15

1 cup brazil nuts
1 cup crystallised ginger
1.5 cup dried apricots
4 tbsp buckwheat flour (or wholemeal)
½ cup dark chocolate
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp coconut oil, melted

Preheat oven to 180̊C and line a small baking tin. Cover one cup of the apricots in boiling water and set aside for at least 15min.

Roughly chop brazil nuts, ginger, remainder of apricots and chocolate into large chunks and place in mixing bowl.

Drain soaked apricots and blend in food processor until smooth, add in honey and coconut oil and combine. Mix the apricot paste with the other ingredients. Stir well; the mixture should hold together, but if not, add a little extra flour.

Press mixture firmly into tin and bake for 20min. Allow to cool then slice into bars and transfer to airtight container.