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Write about your trips for Wilderness

Have you tramped anywhere special recently? Wilderness is accepting wild trip contributions, Photo: Amanda Rogers

Have you done any day trips, overnighters or multi-day tramps this summer that you would recommend to others?

If so, we’d like to hear about it too. 

Each issue, Wilderness shares up to six Wild Trips and we’re looking for a bunch of new contributors to help us fill the trips pages in 2022. We’re looking for fresh and interesting trips that we haven’t published recently (search our website to check when we last published a certain trip) and that will inspire Kiwis to get outside next weekend. You might have a local bush walk, a favourite wild camping location, a stunning alpine lake, a mountain, or a fantastic hut to write about. 

Ideal trips are no shorter than 1.5hr and no longer than two days in duration. They can be in any type of park land – regional, forest, conservation or national. 

If you’re keen to write for Wilderness, the first step is to search our databse using the search bar above to find out if the trips you’re keen on writing have been published recently. If not, we’re probably keen to hear about them. In that case, email editor@lifestylepublishing.co.nz, introduce yourself and then briefly summarise the name of the trips and their locations that you can write about (track name and park is a good start). We’ll then send you the Wild Trip guidelines and await your story!

Wilderness pays for all stories published. Wild trip payment ranges from $80-$120.