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Extended Side Angle Pose

Photo: Tony Gazely

The extended side angle pose stretches the sides, back and shoulders while still working on balance and strengthening the legs.

  1. Start from a lunge with your left foot forward. Turn your right heel in and down to the floor so your foot is turned out at about a 45 degree angle
  2. Your front left toes should be forward and the foot in line with the arch or heel of the right foot
  3. Lift your chest and hands, reaching your left arm forward and right arm back
  4. Your left knee is bent and should be either directly over or behind your ankle. Make sure the knee is tracking straight ahead
  5. The right leg is straight, but don’t lock the knee
  6. Bring the left elbow on to the front knee, with the palm facing up. Press your elbow down and lift your chest up
  7. Let your right hand swing past the ground and stretch forward with the palm facing down
  8. Relax both shoulders away from the ears. Keep stretching through your right fingers
  9. Hold this pose for a few breaths, then bring both hands down either side of your feet, lift your back heel and return to your lunge
  10. Then change legs