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Asolo Athena WP

Apollo Athena WP



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Asolo boots come with a solid reputation and their grunty tramping models are a favourite among many of my Fiordland friends. In contrast to the heavy-duty models, the Athena is a lightweight (700g) female-specific boot with a pronounced curve at the toe to ‘cradle’ the foot and distribute weight.

I have worn the boots on and off track tramping in the Rimutaka Range, coastal sand and rock at Wellington’s Red Rocks and on a wild coastal cycle/tramp in the Wairarapa. In all, quite a range of different surfaces, slopes and weather conditions. The boots performed well. That curved toe did the trick of rocking over the rocks while the Vibram lugs gripped every surface and cleared themselves of mud.

I found them delightfully light, while being sturdy and well constructed. The thin polyurethane midsole provides flexibility but, with an equally thin outer sole, cannot totally prevent sharp objects being felt underfoot.

The lacing system connects to a heel strap to lock the heel in place.

The stitched suede and polyester uppers make them highly breathable and I found the waterproof lining worked well through rain, wet vegetation and river crossings. The cut is full boot, covering the ankle, and they have a decent rubber rand that got a little scuffed on the ultramafic rock but protected the more vulnerable suede and polyester upper materials.

– Beth Masser