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How to carry your PLB

Carry your PLB on you at all times - around your neck, in a pocket

Wilderness asked Mike Hill from the Rescue Coordination Centre for his advice on where to carry your personal locator beacon (PLB).

He suggests to place your PLB either in a zipped pocket of your trousers or shorts, or in a pouch attached to your belt. He says camera and sports shops will provide suitable pouches: “These are not made specifically for beacons but there is such a variety that your beacon will fit into at least one of them,” explains Hill.

If these options aren’t comfortable, then Hill suggests the next best option is a securely shut shirt, fleece or jacket pocket (whichever you’re most likely to continue wearing). Wearing the beacon around your neck is also a good place to carry it so long as you’re sure it won’t pose a snag or choking hazard.

“Our advice is that you carry the beacon where you can get to it in an emergency,” says Hill. “The last thing you want is the beacon to be in something that you may be separated from.