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Balanced view

Balancing starts from the ground up – at your feet

There are 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in each foot. That’s a lot of things working to keep you balanced. Footwear that is too tight will restrict the movement that’s required to help you balance. And if too loose, you’ll miss out on the support and strength offered by your footwear.

Here’s a simple way to get to know your feet a little better while working on ankle and foot strength.

While barefoot

  1. Start with feet about hip-width apart
  2. Try to lift just your toes. Don’t cheat and rock back. Keep your weight evenly on your feet
  3. With your toes lifted, see if you can spread them apart.
  4. Try putting them down one at a time from pinky to the big toe. Bonus points if you can do this while keeping the toes spread apart!
  5. Now explore gently gripping the toes. And the opposite, spreading and pressing your toes out.

To build strength, do steps 1 through 4, then lift and lower your heels slowly. Too easy? Try it while balancing on one leg.