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Twist, but don’t shout

Lunge with a twist. Photo: Tony Gazley

Lunges are a simple way to stretch and strengthen your legs and there are endless variations. Twisting in your torso can stretch through your shoulders, back and sides – which feels great after a long day of wearing a heavy pack. Here’s how to do the ‘Lunge with a twist’:

  1. Start with your feet hip-width apart. Squat down and step your left foot back.
  2. Keep your left heel up and over your toes. Make sure your front right knee is over the top of, or behind, your right ankle.
  3. With your left fingertips or palm on the ground, bring your right hand to your right knee.
  4. Press down with your right hand and lift your right shoulder, starting to look to the right and beginning the twist in your upper torso.
  5. If this feels ok, lift your right hand up to the sky and maybe look up.
  6. Don’t forget about your legs though! Press down through your front foot as if you’re pushing that foot through the ground. Don’t drop your back left thigh.
  7. When finished, bring your right hand back to the ground. Step your back foot forward to a squat and change sides.