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CamelBak Forge 16oz.



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This vacuum-insulated travel mug is designed for those who take their tea or coffee on the go.

The narrow body can fit into the small cup holders in my car, and it comes in both 355ml (12oz) and 473ml (16oz, 355g) sizes.

The mug has a lever-action for sipping, which seals tight when not pressed to prevent the contents from leaking. It’s a simple device and works well – passing the leak test with flying colours. The spring-loaded self-sealing contraption flips up to make it easy to clean. The opening mechanism seems as though it could become weaker over time, but proper care when cleaning and storing it should keep it in good shape.

I particularly liked the self-sealing feature for keeping the mug’s contents piping hot for several hours. When I used it, my tea was still so hot after two hours that I had to take the lid off to let it cool down. There’s also a loop at the top of the mug, which means it’s easy to tote by one finger or by a carabiner for easy transport.

All in all, it’s a reliable way to make sure your drink is still hot at the end of your morning commute or, if you’re lucky, by the time you reach the summit.