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Review: Led Lenser MH10

Used by: Gear editor Mark ‘bright lights’ Watson
Used for: Eight months

When you need sustained, super-bright, clean, focusable light for nighttime route finding, the MH10 has shown to be the best option for me. This versatile torch has proven itself repeatedly after a summer and autumn of adventures and made me wonder how I used to manage route finding when climbing and tramping with a lesser headlamp. 

At 600 lumens and a 150m range, it feels to me like it’s as much light as I’d ever need travelling on foot. At low to moderate speeds on a mountain bike, it’s also enough. But for fast or technical downhills, I add a second light source. 

This torch uses the 18650 battery standard, which is a USB3 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The beauty of this battery system is that it’s both rechargeable, but removable too, so you can carry spares, or recharge on the trail with a power bank. The torch came with a 3000 mAh battery, but for even more longevity I’m using 3500’s as my spares. Not everyone will love that the battery is mounted on the back of the headband, but both it and the lamp are detachable for easy mounting (with Velcro or cable ties) onto a bike helmet, for example. 

Verdict: While expensive, it’s well made, versatile, and gives you confidence for difficult nighttime travel.