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Review: Rab Electron Down jacket

Specs: $549, 500g (m) / 470g (w)
Reviewed by: Cold-weather climber and women’s gear reviewer Penzy Dinsdale
Used for: Four years

When my highlighter pink jacket was stolen several years ago I was pretty sure that I’d never find its equal. I was mistaken. The Rab Electron – mine is bright orange – has been an outstanding replacement.

At 500g it’s certainly not the smallest or lightest item in my pack, but it’s never something I regret taking with me. The Pertex outer provides adequate shower-proofing and combined with the 800-fill power hydrophobic goose down provides performance in a range of conditions.

The shaped and varied baffle sizes are excellent for allowing free movement while climbing in very cold conditions. The elastic cuffs fit well and have stayed in good condition despite much abuse. The hood is also well-shaped and easily adjusted.

I’ve done a few good scrambles in cold conditions and have been very happy with it, although it does now have a few patches – I advise keeping a healthy distance from rocks!

Verdict: Although it won’t be the smallest or lightest item in your pack, it’s an excellent jacket for cold mountain adventures.