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Review: Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Pillow

Specs: $54.99, 60g
Used by: Gram-counting trips and features writer Jo Stilwell
Used for: Two months

I never thought I’d take a pillow tramping but I was recently gifted this one by someone who knows my aversion to carrying excess gear.

But they also know I’m a sucker for comfort when it comes to sleep.

I’ve found it to be a sleep game-changer and it may quickly become one of my favourite pieces of kit. It’s light, compact and quick to inflate. The fabric is soft and quiet. But the best thing about it is, I no longer rummage around in the dark trying to find my down jacket that has unrolled and slipped off my sleeping mat.

It comes with its own small stuff sack, though I leave that at home and roll the pillow up with my sleeping mat.

At 60g (about the weight of a quarter block of Whittaker’s chocolate), I probably wouldn’t take it on a long multi-day trip where pack weight is creeping into the heavy, but for overnighters or three-day trips I wouldn’t leave home without it.

Verdict: A lightweight luxury item that is worth its weight in comfort – even for a weight fanatic tramper.