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Women’s Q2 Ultralight

Anatom Women’s Q2 Ultralight $299.99
Used by:
Women’s gear reviewer Penzy Dinsdale
Used for: 12 months

I was amazed by the lightness, yet solidity of the Q2 Ultralight boots when I first tried them out a year ago. There had to be a compromise somewhere and with the lightweight leather and shallow tread, I concluded it would be with their longevity.

At the time, they quickly became my go-to boot for almost all activities, except when I was likely to be spending significant amounts of time in crampons. This pattern has continued over the last year, and the boots have held up fantastically.

The uppers are still tidy and offer good breathability and waterproofing. They’ve held their shape and are still exceptionally comfortable and skip-worthy out in the hills.

The tread has also lasted well and is suitably grippy across a variety of terrain. It seems likely it’ll hold up for some time yet.

The only fix I’ve had to do is replacing one of the laces after it snapped.

Verdict: An exceptionally lightweight, com- fortable boot, suitable for a wide variety of adventures and that is holding up well in heavy use