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MSR Carbon Reflex 1 $1059

Used by: Wilderness contributor and subscriber Jane Evans.

Used for: 18 months of use, backcountry tramping.

I wanted a lightweight single-person tent that I could sit up in. The Carbon Reflex 1 fitted the bill and even with the hefty price tag, I have not been disappointed.

It is so small and light (790g) I still get a kick out of seeing it inside my pack – it’s just another small bundle. Strapped to the outside, it fits alongside my drink bottle which means it takes up no extra space.

The fabric is tissue-thin, but it’s tough and I get more trusting every time I use it. 

It’s spacious at 1.63m2 – I’m 163cm and can sleep with my pack stashed at the foot of the tent without needing to curl up. 

I appreciate the fly closure which uses lighter velcro and hooks that give more flexibility, meaning you can catch a peek at the weather without unzipping the whole fly door.

Cooking in the vestibule is not high on my list of needs – it never really feels safe in a small tent and with this tent I would definitely not risk it. But I am happy to eat crackers and nuts for dinner on a wet night, sitting up in the centre (80cm high) just as I wanted.

Verdict: A compact, lightweight and comfortable tent that has been worth the investment.

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