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Shewee Original

Price: $21.99
Used by:
Wilderness subscriber Amanda Collins
Used for: Two weeks

Standing up to pee takes practice. It took my boys several years to learn and I’m still not sure that they are perfect.

Instructions recommend trialling the Shewee in the shower and I confirm that this is necessary to learn how to pee standing up, to get the position right and the angle. The shower is a safe space to make mistakes and clean up afterwards.

Using the Shewee leaves a damp ‘undercarriage’ and while the instructions recommend wiping, that is not always practical with clothing only pushed to one side. 

I can see the Shewee having a practical use if pee needed to be collected in a bottle and carried out. It can also be used to stand at the longdrop rather than sit, which would appeal to some.

I wanted to use the Shewee for tramping trips, to be able to pee without taking off a hefty backpack, but the need to wipe after use negates that.

I’m not sure I would carry the Shewee on a tramp, unless I thought squatting would be impractical, or I needed to collect my pee.

Verdict: A good device for certain scenarios – camping, concerts, festivals, peeing in unsanitary conditions – but less so for tramping.

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