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Review: Macpac Titanium Spork

Macpac Titanium Spork $29

Used by: Contributing Gear Editor Mark Watson
Used for: 10 years

Simplicity, smoothness and strength sold me on this design of Spork over 10 years ago. My current one is my second. It has been a reliable feeding tool for adventures as varied as six months thru-hiking Te Araroa, to nearly four years of full-time bikepacking in the Americas. My first one was exactly the same style, but it was badged for a different company and I was gutted when I accidentally left it behind after eating mangoes with it at a roadside stall while cycling in Thailand.

I’ve been in the ‘minimal’ camp for backcountry dining for years now, using just a spoon and bowl for all duties, including drinks. But there’s no denying that sporks can be more efficient when it comes to tangling with noodles or spearing sausage. But not all sporks are created equal and Macpac’s design has won my commitment due to the depth and shape of its bowl and its perfectly arranged tines. 

Being titanium, it’s also light, but robust: having been a reliable companion for hundreds of meals now. I note that the latest Titanium Spork also features a bottle opener. Perfect. 

Verdict: It’s good value, light and durable. I would definitely buy again but hope I never have to.