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MSR Hubba Hubba NX

MSR Hubba Hubba NX $999
Used by: Tent-lugging roving editor Shaun Barnett
Used for: Three years

If you’re planning on spending lots of time on the tops in remote mountain areas, camping on a glacier, or tackling off-track Fiordland, you might want to go for a heavy-duty, heavy-to-carry tunnel tent that can withstand a nasty storm. But for most tramping, a lighter tent is preferable and this is where the Hubba Hubba NX excels. It weighs just 1760g.

There are few two-person tents as light (indeed, it weighs as much as many one-person tents), or as well designed. The pole design adds significant space inside the tent – it totals 2.7m2 – and with a ceiling height of 100cm, both users can comfortably sit inside when it’s raining without brushing against the walls. This does have the disadvantage of increasing the angles and surface area for wind to work against, but unless you’re in a gale, that won’t matter too much.

Because it’s so light, I often carry it as an emergency shelter even when I plan on staying in huts. MSR has tackled every aspect of the tent to make it as light as possible, right down to the super-thin carry bag, tiny buckles, and slim pegs.

Verdict: A clever design, ideal for three-season tramping, with generous space for two and light enough to sling in your pack for almost every trip.